Our Members

To view a list of members of Synergy Network, please visit the Member List page.

For Members: How to Propose  New Member

If you're a member of Synergy Network and are interested in proposing a new member, you have come to the right place. To propose a new member, please ensure that you follow the process outlined in the points below. This will greatly help our Membership Committee in consideration of the proposed member.

  1. Ensure the proposed member has attended two breakfast meetings and has an understanding of the Synergy group

  2. Once the member has attended at least two meetings, complete and submit the Membership Form to our Membership Chair at membership@synergynetwork.org

  3. The Membership Committee will then review the application and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee

  4. Once the Executive Committee has approved the proposed member, the Membership Chair will welcome the new member

  5. At that time, the new member will receive an invoice for their membership dues and will be officially added as a new member of Synergy

Guidelines for Proposed Members

Many factors go into considering whether a member is a positive addition to Synergy Network. Some of the guidelines that are considered when determining whether a member is added to Synergy Network are:

  • Whether the proposed member is a decision maker/influencer, owner or senior executive within their business

  • Is the business represented by the proposed member a leader in their industry

  • Has the proposed member made positive contributions to the community

  • Will the proposed member add value to Synergy Network